Submission checklist – Paper is original research that satisfies these conditions:

  • The study involved gathering and analysis of data that tests one or more hypotheses.
  • The research was approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) – we require formal IRB approval evidence. Just a note from an advisor or instructor is not formal approval evidence.
  • The study was conducted by a Psi Beta member while attending a community college that has an active Psi Beta chapter.
  • The study was conducted under the guidance of a psychology faculty mentor.
  • The paper is written in APA (7th Edition) format. Please consult the paper criteria guide and the APA publication guide when preparing your manuscript.
  • The study’s statistical analysis reflects but does not exceed procedures taught in a typical lower-division statistics course (e.g., central tendency, variation, effect size, confidence intervals, t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, linear regression, chi-square).
  • Problems in the manuscript are not excessive and can be remedied by having the author work with an Associate Editor. Most “problems” that preclude manuscript acceptance involve manscripts that fail to conform to APA style (7th Edition) format.
  • NEW – Starting in 2024, the author or lead author must still be an undergraduate student. Graduate students and students who have completed graduate school should submit to a different journal. [NOTE: This rule does not apply to professors, who are Psi Beta advisors, who submit under the teacher category in our journal.]

The submission period for the next issue is from May 1 to June 15. CLICK HERE to submit your paper during the submission period.

What happens after you submit it?
We will notify our decision to accept or not accept by June 30. Like any research journal, a submission is not automatically accepted for publication in the Psi Beta Research Journal. Our reviewers will blind-review submissions and make an accept or reject depending on the study’s conformity with the criteria listed above, but more specifically the proposal conforms closely to the research paper criteria guide (or the research proposal criteria guide if you are submitting a research proposal). Some preference will be given for creativity. Papers using Psi Beta’s National Research study data may be accepted if they meet the above criteria. Authors of accepted papers will be assigned to work with one of our Associate Editors to bring their papers up to our publication standards. Working with an Associate Editor is a requirement, not an option for getting your study published in Psi Beta’s journal.

Model paper with Annotations (under development)