Psi Beta Research Journal - Brief Reports

The Psi Beta Journal of Research (PBJR) is a national, independent, peer-reviewed student research journal established in 2021. Our mission is to peer-review, publish, and index scholarly manuscripts that describe psychological research conducted by undergraduates. We assign a unique, permanent DOI to every article.

PBJR contributes to the teaching/learning process by engaging undergraduate students in research. Undergraduate research is a high-impact practice that promotes student retention and academic success. PBJR maintains high standards for content, has a rigorous review process and provides content access to the public and professionals.

PBJR accepts submissions only from Psi Beta members and professors who advise Psi Beta members. We encourage and consider three categories of submissions: 

     A. Studies conducted by Psi Beta students. The study must include gathering of data. Literature searches are              not accepted, nor are multiple articles written by different members of a chapter who have used the same
     B. Research proposals – Proposed studies in which data has not yet been gathered. A research proposal must
         be prepared by a Psi Beta member. 
     C.  Faculty research – Effectiveness evaluation of a chapter activity (e.g., a workshop, leadership training, a
           service project, etc.) OR  a teaching activity or strategy conducted while teaching a psychology class at the
           chapter’s college. The lead author must be a Psi Beta faculty advisor. 

Submissions must feature IRB-approved psychological research conducted under the supervision of a psychology professor and written to conform to APA style (7th Edition). PBJR’s online ISSN is 2770-3568. PBJR’s editorial board consists of three Reviewers, several Associate Editors, and a Chief Editor.

To access detailed submission information (e.g., the submission publishing process, expectations, and the editorial workflow), click Submissions on the site menu.

Contact Information – email Jerry Rudmann, Chief Editor, at with questions.